AFSA Airman of the Year

Named in honor of SSgt Donald Ward, an AFSA founder, to recognize and honor outstanding Airmen and to encourage them to continue with their desire to be exceptional representatives of the United States Air Force, their country, and AFSA.

Eligibility: The nominee must be serving as an Active Duty, ANG, or AFRC Airman in the ranks of E1, E2, E3, or E4, as of December 31, 2019. Selected division Airmen who are promoted to E-5 prior to the annual international meeting but after Dec 31, 2019 may represent their division at the international competition.

The nominee must be a member of AFSA prior to 1 Jul of the year in which being nominated. (i.e. for 2019 submission, nominee must have been an AFSA member prior to 1 Jul 2019).

The award package will include the following items at the time of submission or it will not be graded:

  • Unit Cover Letter; AFSA Manual 100-5, Attachment 3
  • Personal Biography (Use Division 3 Biography Template)
  • Upper torso color photograph
  • Full frontal color photograph
  • AFSA Form 100, maximum submission is limited 23 lines
  • The AFSA Form 100 will contain the following categories:
  • Leadership and Job Performance in Primary Duties (Scoring: 60 pts)
  • Whole Airman Concept (Non-AFSA Related) (Scoring: 20 pts)
  • AFSA Involvement Base and Community (Scoring: 20 pts)