President's Update, 13 May 2018

May 13, 2018 -- Posted by : dave


a.Chapter & Division Websites: Click here to explore other AFSA websites?

b.Twitter User? Become a follower of your Association on Twitter!

c.Chapter Officer Training Modules: Are you new to AFSA or need some refresher chapter officer training? Check out the training modules Senior Advisor Lutzen created.


a.2018 AFSA PAC: Save the Date! August 25-29, 2018 at San Antonio, Texas. Every chapter president received a list of professional development speakers and resources to obtain unit funding from local leadership.

b.One of the first surprises is the Patriots in Pajamas Theme Party and our brand new AFSA Mission Partnership with TipsyElves. This company that creates fun onesies long and short pajamas, colorful USA gear -- and you may know them from their Ugly Christmas Sweater line on Shark Tank. As a new Mission Partner they are excited to provide our members with a 20% DISCOUNT on ANY item on their website and they will donate 15% of all sales back to AFSA. Every chapter president should have a received an email with all the PAC details, make sure this info with your chapter members. your order soon before supplies run out!


a.Do you know who your elected officials are? It’s simple to find out, give it a try.

b.AFSA's Advocacy Campaigns Program: Access our Legislative Action Center to check your legislators' positions on key issues, contact your elected officials and view details on all the legislation affecting you and your family as well as information on how to contact your elected official to make a change.

c.Communications from HQs: Are your members receiving the “Washington Report”, “Headline Roundup”, “E-Newsletter”, and “AFSA Magazine”? These publications are sent on a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly basis If not, they need to update their email address with HQs AFSA have them send an email to or call 1-800-638-0594.


a.AFSA Military Family Appreciation Membership Recruiting Campaign: This incentive targets new members only. New Member joins for 2-years @ $50 and Family Member joins for 2-years free. A family member can be a spouse, son, daughter, grandkid, or parent. Chapters will receive recruiting rebates and recruiting credit for the paid member. Campaign runs from 1 May to 31 July.

b.Retention Efforts: Membership retentions continue to be an issue for AFSA and this is something that needs to be fixed. We do a great job in recruiting new members, but neglect to retain the members we have. We'll never be able to grow as an association if don't reach out to our expiring members and ask them to renew their membership.

c.Chapter Recruiting Goals: Our newly elected Division Membership Trustee, Bobby Kazmir, recently sent out chapter membership goals. The intent of these goals are to strengthen our chapters, not to compete with one another. Collectively as a division I challenge everyone to help us achieve our goal of recruiting and/or retaining 1,890 members. We cannot do it with your support and efforts.